Saturday, 19 December 2015

Mindfulness or Mind Full of Mess

Everyday we wake up from sleep and get ready to walk through another day. A day with numerous challenges. A day where we can grow through numerous experiences or further entangle ourselves by letting the past mess with our now and confuse our future. 

Today we will discuss about the difference between mindfulness and a mind full of mess. We will also give some tips on how we can work with ourselves to live mindfully. 

There may be many situations or people we come across in one day. Some could be pleasant and some could be downright repelling or irritating. Why do we find some people or situations irritating or repelling??? Lets talk about it without using words like negative mindset or negative aura etc. Simply put we all have our own definition, understanding or requirements that meet our parameters for peace and joy. When anything or anyone is outside these parameters we find them repelling or irritating. Yes a person who is at a higher plane spiritually would not get affected by any sort of person or situation however here we are trying to help even the common man whose aim is to get through each day peacefully. Only if  one is at peace and free from the stress and frustrations will they gradually climb more steps that lead to spirituality.

Often when we throw a fit or get irritated it is not the present situation or person that has caused all this anger. However it is just a trigger that leads to release of all the pent up anger and frustrations within. We need to work on how we can eliminate the frustrations of the past not affecting the situations of the now. Over a period of time even the frustrations of the past will be released in a manner that will not affect our peace. 

How do we get stress free??? 
How do we negate the frustrations????
How do we release our baggage's that we keep pulling along??????

Well usually we are told stuff like meditate, eliminate expectations and so on. But honestly speaking we need to make simple steps and guide people which helps them over a period of time to live holistically and makes them content.

I agree that the cause of discontent, anger, frustrations etc is our expectations. However we all need money for food, clothing, shelter etc and we work a whole month for it so it is natural to expect a salary or remuneration. It is natural to have some thoughts on how we will spend it and so on . 

So lets first take the most important step and stop trying to suppress expectations. Suppressing anything only creates more craving at a subconscious level either for what is suppressed or it manifests as rigidity or a wavering mind. There was a time when I was in college and it was a ritual for my friends and myself to go for a movie every Friday - First day First Show. Today I have stopped watching movies and have not sat in front of the TV for over a year. This is not achieved by suppressing my needs or desires but by working with them and growing out of them. 

Following few simple steps can help us on the path to mindfulness. Start by sleeping early. Sleep is the natural form of meditation. A person who gets in a good number of hours of sleep regularly is usually free from the shackles of stress etc. When I mention good number of hours of sleep am referring to sleeping at night and not past midnight till afternoon. Try to sleep latest by 10pm though the ideal time would be 9:30pm. Wake up early at about 4- 5am. Meditate  for some time or just lie in bed start counting all your blessings and thank God or the Universe for them. Go for a walk or a jog. Do not carry music. Let the morning be your time. Listen to the music that is within you. You could continue counting your blessings while you walk or jog too. Greet people that you meet even if they are strangers or even if they don't reply. 

The above steps if done regularly will show a major transformation in your general lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually too. Now moving to the most important part - The Day. Let me start by an example that exists in my reality everyday - Every morning one of the neighbours insists on leaving his door open. It keeps on banging a million times till they finally shut it in the afternoon. This loud banging of the door irritates quite a few people in my building. While I use each bang of the door to count a blessing. So every time the door bangs I count a blessing. What causes irritation to others brings me peace.

I have not done something extraordinary. I have just decided how to respond to a situation. We all have the power to respond to any situation the way we wish to. So lets try a simple yet pretty challenging step. Whenever we are faced by something that could get us angry, irritated, or raise our voice etc just remove yourself from the situation. Now from the outside view the situation including yourself. Most of the time when you do this you will always come to the conclusion that nothing you do out of anger or irritation will erase what has happened nor will it bring a positive change. The next thing to do is respond to it positively and proactively.  You could always express that you are not happy or okay with being treated in  a specific way by a person, however do so in a polite manner and not when they are twisting your nerves. Make it your habit to respond only this way. Initially it may seem difficult. However keep at it for a fortnight and it will become a part of your character. It will not only reduce the frustration and irritation levels from building within you but will also start having a positive effect on the people around you. Their behaviour towards you will change. They will also start transforming positively. Yes it may not happen immediately but as long as you are at peace there will no longer be any rush. 

Mindfulness is about actually living in the now. For only when we do not let the bagage's of the past pour out in to the now are we living in the now.

We are here to guide or help you further. We can customize meditations and healing processes that will help you for what is on your journey of life. Do feel free to write to us or contact us over the phone.

Breathe !!!




Thursday, 3 December 2015

No one can cheat anyone else......

Do you feel someone has cheated you?

Does that break your trust?

When we are the masters of our own selves  so how can someone external cheat us???? 

 Before we go further let us first understand the meaning of the word " Cheat". The dictionary meaning of  cheat is -

- A person who behaves in a dishonest way.

- To act dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage.

In reality nobody can cheat us. They only break our expectation that we ourselves set. What we expect from them may not be what they feel they should live up to or obligated to do. Only we can cheat ourselves. Let me explain this with the help of 2 examples.

Situation 1 -

We buy our groceries regularly from a particular shop. It has been years that we have been buying from him. One day we buy 4kgs brown rice from him at say Rupees 100/- a kg. We are walking home with the rice and see a shop on the way that is selling the same or may be better brown rice for Rupees 50/- a kg. Now immediately we will say that the shopkeeper cheated us. 

But in reality he did not cheat us. He mentioned the price we bought it. Only thing that happened is we expected that he will not sell something at a higher rate and give us the best price. So what happened is our expectation broke nothing else happened. However if the shopkeeper feels guilty for selling the rice at a higher price. If he has a constant debate inside about the pricing. Then the shopkeeper has cheated himself. As he has acted dishonestly or unfairly to gain an advantage. If the shopkeeper is okay with his act of selling at a higher rate, then he has not cheated himself because he feels he is justified to do so. 

Situation 2 - 

Lets say there is a married couple. We are not going to talk about the morality or right or wrong about the act here.  If the wife / husband decides or has an extra marital affair. Now if the wife or husband feels guilty of what they are doing, if they are secretive and trying to hide from everyone about their affair out of fear or the feeling that it is wrong, then they are cheating themselves. As they are doing something that at some level they don't agree with. Now if the other partner finds out of this, their expectation that my spouse will not have an affair with anyone else is broken. Their image of their spouse gets shattered.

So in both situations only the expectations are broken. The one breaking the expectations can only cheat herself / himself. They can not cheat another person.

Especially in matters of the heart we often use the words - Unconditional Love. If the love is unconditional then there are no expectations as we have no conditions. However this is not a very easy concept to actually live by but it is always easy to use big words. 

 Instead of using a negative word called CHEAT be more proactive accept that your expectations were not met move ahead remembering your lesson from that experience. We can only move ahead if we forgive and release the anger within. This can only happen if we accept the fact that no one can cheat us and only the expectations we had set has been broken.

I have worked with quite a few people over the last few years. Some had even gone in to a phobic state where they were constantly having issues with trusting people as they felt everyone will cheat them. Some even had gone in to depression.  Most of them today have overcome their issues. Some are just not ready to accept this. They may take some more time before they are ready to transform and move towards the path of transcending spiritually. I pray and send energy daily for such people.

It is with accepting the truth about the word which we assign to every situation where our expectations are broken and meditating on what I call -  The Root Trust Meditation, as a combination can we raise our awareness and rise above the situation.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Are we racing towards our end?????????

Do you drive to work like you are Michael Schumacher?

Do you literally gulp your food down like you are at a food eating contest?

Are you always rushing?

Irrespective of your belief in one life or rebirth the fact remains that we are aware only of the life we are breathing in. Let us try to make it a memorable life, a life filled with an endless string of cherished moments.

Today most of us are rushing through life. We are all constantly in a hurry and are thinking of the next task even before we start the task we are about to take up. This rat race attitude is directly proportionate to our lifespans. It is no hidden fact that the more we run and chase things all our lives the faster comes the end to our lives. We are reducing our lifespans by our attitude daily. Some of you will blame it on pollution, contamination in our food and water, fertilizers, pesticides and lots more. Though these may be factors that play a role but our mind plays a bigger role in the map of our lives.

I shall explain this by a true story - At one of the prisoner of war camps during world war II there was this young captain who was held captive. This camp was known to be a place that assured slow and painful death to all its prisoners. They were tortured physically everyday. The captives were served food of water mixed with what remained after the officers of the camp and the dogs had eaten. It usually use to be infected with numerous infections thanks to the dogs eating out of it and often the officers would spit in it before serving it. When the war ended the only prisoner who had survived this gruesome camp was this young captain. He was asked how did he stay fit and free from any ailments in spite of the conditions that the camp offered. He said - Every time we were served food I would close my eyes and visualize a nice big roasted Turkey and all my family members at the table. I would keep my eyes closed and eat the food while I saw myself eating Turkey in my mind.

Interesting isn't it???? This is just how amazing our mind is. This is just how powerful our thoughts are.

Relax, breathe and enjoy every moment because once it goes by you never get it back. Wake up an hour early so you can meditate, get dressed peacefully while being grateful for all that you have, listening to some nice instrumental music ( rock and roll is fine if that is what keeps you calm), sitting peacefully and eating your breakfast in a relaxed manner, slowly relishing the taste of all that your breakfast consists of, offering gratitude for the wonderful meal, leaving home humming your favourite song, driving at a decent speed ( preferably below 50km/hour in the city) and following all the traffic laws.

Did it sound like the perfect life? Oh yes but we will blame our family members, spouse, kids etc for being the reason we rush. Well if excuses is what we are always going to be looking for then an excuse is what we will get.

I have seen people chew so fast they seem to be in a contest with the digestive enzymes in their mouth. Chew slowly, relish the taste. It is said that each morsel of food should be chewed about 30 times before it finally goes down our food pipe. Food will taste better and be more nutritious if we eat slowlyyyyy. Keep your cellphones far away when you eat, the world won't end if you text or call back after 15 minutes. Don't watch TV or read a book while eating. Finish your dinner early if you have a live match or a movie you like coming on the television. No matter what happens just sit and eat and have positive discussions at the dinner table.

Have you wondered why we call it a dinner table and not a breakfast table or a lunch table or a meal table????  Even when most of our ancestors were farmers or traders before our gigantic metropolitan cities came in to existence, they use to leave for work / farms early morning sometimes with their family members having their breakfast and lunch at the farm or at work. It is only at dinner time that all family members sat together and ate. Hence the term Dinner table. This may seem insignificant but it has a vast impact on our lives. Sitting with your family members on the same table and eating together while having positive discussions can help reduce the stress from work. If you can manage to have the breakfast together too that would start your day with an added dose of positivity.

Similarly slow down everything that you do daily. I am not asking you to crawl, just walk instead of running. Enjoy the drive / ride to work. So what if there is traffic or some people who just do not know how to drive are right in front of you. Do not let all this affect you. Keep counting your blessings and visualize the day as you want it to be. Enjoy the music in the car. Be grateful that you have a car or bike or have the money to pay for the taxi or the ticket for the public transport.

Haste makes waste -  this old saying is true in so many ways. Most of our ailments are caused because of us constantly chasing or running through life. Cancer is said to be the ailment of confusion. When we are constantly running through life we build up stress and our body and subconscious is in a confused state, over loaded with lots of data to process. The result is confusion which may manifest in to our reality as cancer or other life long ailments like diabetes etc. These ailments are nothing but a sign by our subconscious asking us to slow down.

Plan the morning in your mind before you go to bed, visualize every minute detail. When your morning starts positively there is a good chance positivity will flow through your day too.

Worrying or stressing over an issue at work or an important business decision that may have gone wrong will not reverse time for you to change your approach. However it will surely affect your now and could affect your decision making too. Some will say - It is easy for you to say so when it is me who will loose a few millions by this deal going sour. Well let me ask you something - Where did the money in your business come from? It came from your hard work and in case you inherited it then it came from your parents and their parents hard work. Before that you had nothing so why worry of losing it and ruining the present and the immediate future. Instead relax, breathe, drink some green tea and look at the issue at hand proactively. A solution will emerge that could convert a loss in to a windfall.

All we need is to slow down.

Slow down and enjoy your breath.

Slow down and enjoy each step.



Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Urban Meditation

Do you honk often while riding your bike or driving your car??????

Do you get angry if someone cuts the driving lane or suddenly swirls right in front of you??????

Are you on your nerves end while traveling by a vehicle even if you are not the one driving / riding the vehicle????????

If you are living in India then most likely you would answer yes to one of the above. If you do not reside in India the chances are less due to better traffic discipline, however you will notice the rise of anger / rage or feeling disturbed when something is not supposed to be the way it should be, say being stuck in traffic etc. 

Situations outside our control or outside our self are just triggers to what is within us. if you have anger . frustration, disappointment and so on within you then an external trigger will create a venue for you to vent it out. If you are at peace within then the trigger wont bother you and you will continue living within your bliss. 

Let me explain it with another common scenario - when a mosquito is sucking the blood out of our bodies we feel discomfort, however the force or power or speed we try to swat it with is directly proportionate to the pent up anger within. Yes some will call it reflex or response to stimuli, however we can respond to the stimuli in a calmer manner too by just flicking it off or shooing it off our body. 

Getting back to our topic - today we will look at how we can use the situations around us in our urban setting to work on ourselves everyday. 

There are numerous things that we face daily from our urban lifestyle, may it be while driving / riding on the road or a person that jumps the queue at the post office/ supermarket or a ticket counter, or that one person we all have either at work or among our friends or relatives who is always nagging us or being negative and so on. We would all love to have everyone follow the right etiquette or laws, however till that happens we just need to deal with it without letting it affect us at a deeper spiritual level.

Say someone swirls from another lane right in front of us, well first things first if we are not busy talking or texting on our cell phones it would be easier to spot the person swirling in before he does and respond accordingly. Now that we have taken the appropriate action to prevent a collision lets breathe and think . Getting enraged and hurling abuses or rude statements or trying to resolve it by halting that vehicle and getting in to a brawl is not going to go down well. First of all it will ruin your day and may be of the other person too. It will also add to the pent up frustration within you and keep harming you subconsciously.

Now lets try making  the above situation an opportunity to work on ourselves and respond to the situation spiritually. Once you have taken the action to prevent a collision just breathe and say a small thank you that you and the other person or persons in the other vehicle are safe. Do not honk like your life depends on it. Drive normally and calmly. If you get an opportunity to come up beside that vehicle ( do not go about trying to overtake or change lanes just to prove your point) at a traffic light or so, do give a polite smile and wish them a good day. You do not need to literally talk to them, you could even do this from being behind them, though it helps when you can see the driver in person. When you smile and wish them a good day, you take away the power of that situation to affect you , by wishing the other person a good day you send a message to your own subconscious to have a good day too. Such a small change in our reaction to the same situation can have a dramatic effect on our well being. 

Honking a lot won't change things around you but will surely affect the peace within you. Stop honking at the drop of a pin, smile more, thank more and spread more good wishes.

This approach can be applied to all situations that we get easily upset, disappointed or angry with. No matter how someone acts or behaves we have control over the situation depending on our response. Respond with anger and we have handed over the controls or the power to the person or situation to affect us. Respond calmly and wish good then we are in control of the situation and it does not affect us.

Let us all work with ourselves through all that we experience in our lives. If we all work with ourselves the world will automatically become less chaotic and calmer. Initially it will be very testing not to honk or retort angrily to a person who enters the queue from the middle  or any situation that threatens our peace but constantly working on it will make it our nature over time and also improve the quality of our lives.

Our world is nothing but a reflection of what is within us,

                        Change inside to see the change in the world!!!!!!  

                  Breathe !!!


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Raise your understanding not your voice....

Hope all of you have been practicing the meditation mentioned in the previous article. I have received some messages and emails from some of you, it was nice discussing and working with you all with regards to the meditation mentioned and other aspects of spirituality and healing too. 

Today we will be discussing a subject which is one of the main causes for the build up of our frustrations within and also the reason for the issues we face in our relationships with people. 

We all have expectations. Usually expectations is made to look like the cause of all evil. However though expectations is the cause of many of the issues in the world, by itself expectations can not cause any harm. It is when expectation is combined with ego, lack or resisting to understand any situation from all perceptions and some other factors that even the most joyful of situations or relations turn in to war zones.

When I mention the word "relationships" I do not restrict it to our friends and loved ones. Every time we interact with another living being we are in a relationship with them for that moment. May it be even a simple gesture like giving directions to a passer by on the road. Even in those few seconds we can affect the frame of mind of the person we are interacting with. 

It is common nowadays to see people get angry and arguing at a drop of a pin. There is a deeper issue that leads to such behaviour. It is not that specific situation that leads to this outburst of anger, rage and lots more. It is the constant collection of all the frustrations, negative conditioning and fear that leads to such frequent outbursts. A situation is basically just the trigger to what lies within and waiting to erupt.

When we  interact with others it is natural for expectations to arise. It is simple lets face it - we don't go to a supermarket, cart out all the goods we wish to purchase , stand in a line, bill and pay for them and not expect to take it home. So rising of expectations is natural. However it arises with all the participants of the interaction and not only ourselves. The expectations may vary and is a very complex subject to get in to. To briefly sum it up - our expectations are affected or influenced by our mindset, our inclination of being positive or negative, our belief system, our fears and the environment in which we are brought up. So expectations of the same situation can be drastically different for two different individuals. A contented mind along with understanding the cause of expectations can drastically reduce or eliminate our expectations. However lets work on dealing with the existence of expectations till we are able to eliminate them.

Lets take a situation where we are interacting with another living being, both of us will have certain expectations. Each one of us wants our expectations met  but we may or may not think about the expectations the other person has from the interaction. This small factor can cause a rift and once this rift is created then other factors like ego step in and aggravate the smallest of misunderstandings till a conversation or an interaction which could have been peaceful could end up being your last interaction with that living being.

We need to resolve this at the root. It is not possible for us to read the mind or know what the other person is thinking about unless we all become psychics. Whenever we interact with others we need to be calm  and work towards a solution rather than proving a point or getting what we expect. I am sure some of you will say - "it is easier said than done especially on days that have been pretty testing or with people whose body language and attitude just ticks us off". we need two hands to clap so only if we respond with anger will a situation be created. If we get angry we must remember that we need to work with ourselves to release all the pent up anger/ frustrations / disappointments and so on.  

We need to realize that our getting angry or screaming or being rude will not change the situation or the actions of the other person, however we need to reciprocate in a proactive manner working towards a solution that is fair and just to all parties. 

If you have been doing the meditation from the previous article then you are already on the path to understanding yourself and releasing the baggage's of the past. If you have not then it is never to late to start with it. 

Once you are able to sit peacefully in the meditation explained in the previous article, I suggest you could try something along with that to help you further. - Once you have sat in front of the mirror and completed the meditation  just close your eyes, breathe deeply ( dont lift your shoulders but fill your stomach with air every time you breathe in) and repeat this affirmation 10 times - I have wonderful, joyful, fruitful and long lasting relations with everyone. I have no fears and am calm.  Once done slowly open your eyes and go have a blissful day ahead.




Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Emptiness within......

Life is a gift.

          A gift of magnanimous proportions.

                                                 A gift that we often take for granted.

Life is a gift. A gift of eternal bliss, a gift of universal transcendence. Most of the time we are confused with what life is about. This confusion leads us to make our own set of beliefs or follow different groups (religions, clans, social forums etc). There is nothing wrong in following any group or religion, the problem lies when we follow something just because we are born in to it or because that is what everyone is doing or because we do not wish to get in to a conflict with people so we just follow everyone. Do anything because you understand it, believe in the process / thoughts etc, because it is what resonates with your every breath and your soul. Often our beliefs cause us to question the true purpose of life. Sometimes this happens in our conscious state but often it is the silent war that is constantly fought at our subconscious level. We sit to introspect trying to resolve our anguish and confusion but often this further confuses us. This cycle keeps repeating again and again and again till we achieve Satori ( instant enlightenment ). We need to resolve this constant cycle of confusion. Which is the cause for the highs and lows of our life. As well as the cause for our pain, sorrow, disappointment, depression and lots more. 

Today everyone is so caught up in the rat race of life. Everyone seems to be living to put up a show or an act for the world around us. Most of us are constantly wanting things, usually it is to live up to our so called external image in front of the world. Most of our wants are not our needs and some of our needs get neglected because we are so busy fulfilling all our external wants. Over time this constant state of wanting pulls us away from our true self to a point where we really don't know what we need. We are still so engrossed in this external show or act or drama that we decide to hide this alarming signal and continue with our fake or made up outer self. I do not say money is bad or not needed. Lets face it we all need it, to eat, live and thrive. However when we make money our so called God then there is an issue with us. Many will say - No am not materialistic. Well we say that because we are comparing ourselves with either people in our same income level or people who are more materialistically blessed. Close your eyes , breathe, relax then imagine not having anything that you have. Now make a list of 10 things that you would need to get through just one day when you have nothing. The list will be very simple - clothes (not branded), food (not a lavish meal), shelter (not a palace) and so on. It will not include 95% of our so called wants. It is simple - wants are external and insatiable however needs are internal and have a barrier where we achieve the state of contentment.
This is the classic example of a mind that has wandered astray from the soul. The further it has wandered or the bigger the distance between the mind and the soul the more issues and confusions arise. This distance varies in all of us. This variation of distance is what makes all our lives so different with so many different situations and lots more. The only way to reduce , rectify or change this cycle of life ( repetitive cycles of confusion ) is to connect with the soul. When I say connect to the soul, I do not imply to reduce the discord between the mind and the soul. I literally mean that we need to live through our soul. Once you can find your soul then your life will transform faster than the snap of your fingers. Yes, I know that some reading about this transformation will think - Oh great so I will get this or I will get a promotion or all my worries will vanish. Nothing of that sort will happen. However your perception towards life will change so what was a worry before may not even bother you now, what was a desire or a goal before may seem so irrelevant now.

This is called true transcendence, a shift in your paradigm.

Just sit by yourself, no music, no people around, just sit and look at yourself in the mirror ( you don't need to go to quiet place, just don't make any noise by yourself, let the world continue the way it does). If your mind gets any thoughts just stop yourself from thinking or internally discussing / debating those thoughts. Stare at the mirror till you no longer see your external self, till you stop noticing or counting the wrinkles, pimples, white hair, tan of the skin and so on. Stare at the mirror calmly, breathe deep, without straining your eyes or your mind. Just do this for 5 minutes daily. After a few days (4-5) , increase the time to 10 minutes. You will observe that the thoughts reduce, in less than a minute you no longer see your external self but start looking within yourself. You start understanding your actions, your soul or your true inner self or your conscience starts taking control and points out all the things that you have done, do or  keep doing which it does not agree with. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed with this full process, then stop keeping a fixed number of minutes to sit, just sit and do it till you feel it is enough from within. It will result in clearing a lot of your baggage's from the past. Gradually start making these changes in your attitude and behaviour. This simple exercise if done properly will surely lead you to a connection with your true inner self. 

Gradually the emptiness within will disappear. Your life will seem more joyful and vibrant with positivity. 

If you have any further questions or would like any assistance with this simple method of connecting within, please feel free to contact me and I will most willingly help you out.




Sunday, 11 October 2015

Religion - Our creation to meet our constant urge to label everything.

Before we get in to the article I would like to mention that I am a person more inclined to spirituality rather than any religion. However I do respect all religions and am tolerant to what ever people believe in as long as they don’t try to smear their believes all over my face. I have read a lot of religious texts and other scriptures of many religions that flourish on our planet. Sadly many religions today spread racism because their preachers / priests etc keep telling those who follow that particular religion that - Our God / Prophet / Messiah is the only true one. Which would imply that all the other religions are fake. How can you claim to be spiritual when you have a big inflated EGO that fantasizes to be following the only true God and others are all inferior because they are following some other persons thoughts / teachings. I write this not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or believes but to express my thoughts. If you do not agree with it DON’T READ IT. It is perfectly okay to not agree with something. I believe in Karma, doing good, helping others and not harming any life form, which is the true essence of any religion in this galaxy and beyond. Yes aliens also have their own religions :-) :-)
Everyone has the right to have their own believes and we are nobody to mock them. However the problem usually arises when we try to enforce our believes on others. I strongly believe that what was taught by these founders of the religions was much different than what is being preached or written in the religious texts that are available today. It is simple, any king or religious leader/ priest etc would find it much easier to make all the people do something if they said this is the word of God / Prophet / Messiah etc rather than saying do this because I tell you so. So sadly most of the religious texts today are filled with matter that has been altered by these Kings / priests / preachers etc.
So what is religion? Did any of the Prophets/ Messiahs / Gods / and so on ever coin the word “RELIGION” ? Well the answer is a big NO. None of these spiritually enlightened beings ever wished to have their teachings fixed in a box and given a name. They all said only one thing - “These are my thoughts on how to live life if you wish to follow them you are most welcome.” After that their predecessors cleverly changed the word “thoughts” to “teachings”. In fact Buddha use to always tell his disciples “If you meet a Buddha on the road kill him”. “Buddha” literally means the enlightened one. By the above sentence Buddha use to explain to disciples that - do not worship anyone, if you like his / her thoughts follow the thoughts. Don’t put them up on a pedestal or think he / she will transform your life for you. Your life is yours and any transformation that you desire can be achieved by you yourself using your mind and soul in unison. 
We as human beings have developed this unnecessary habit to label everything so we have - he / she is a GOOD person , he /she is a BAD person, he /she is this , he / she is that and so on. Who gave us the right or authority to go around labeling everyone or everything? What may seem good to you may actually be bad to another and so on . As long as we are not harming anyone or society and are doing what we believe to be the path for us then I do not think anyone has the right to comment , ridicule, gossip, mock or condemn anyone for their beliefs or life style.
This insatiable urge to label everything that we have or see or believe in is what made us label the thoughts of spiritually inclined people as “Religions”. Just imagine if we stop labeling everything then there would be no religions only human beings following certain thoughts which they feel is the right path for them. Can you imagine how peaceful this earth would be? Do you know that we have lost so many human beings in wars, agitations, riots or rebellious movements based on religion and religious beliefs ? 
Was it a wise move to create this label “Religion” is a topic that is futile to debate on because it has already been done. We can not change the past but we can amend our present so that the future generations live in a label free world. 
A world where a human being is looked at for what he or she is and not based on their spiritual beliefs, passport, colour, race, gender and so on. 
Some of you may think it is a nice thought but too far fetched to become a reality. Well this is exactly where the problem lies. We want others to change things then we will join the movement. To bring change we need to work collectively. If you really wish to see such a change then from now start by you, yourself being the change. Don’t go about preaching these thoughts just live by it. When people around you see the change if they like it they will on their own accord either ask you about it or themselves start being the change like you. 
Every drop fills the ocean and every human transformed will slowly make this planet that we call our home a more peaceful and loving place to be in.