Sunday, 11 October 2015

Religion - Our creation to meet our constant urge to label everything.

Before we get in to the article I would like to mention that I am a person more inclined to spirituality rather than any religion. However I do respect all religions and am tolerant to what ever people believe in as long as they don’t try to smear their believes all over my face. I have read a lot of religious texts and other scriptures of many religions that flourish on our planet. Sadly many religions today spread racism because their preachers / priests etc keep telling those who follow that particular religion that - Our God / Prophet / Messiah is the only true one. Which would imply that all the other religions are fake. How can you claim to be spiritual when you have a big inflated EGO that fantasizes to be following the only true God and others are all inferior because they are following some other persons thoughts / teachings. I write this not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or believes but to express my thoughts. If you do not agree with it DON’T READ IT. It is perfectly okay to not agree with something. I believe in Karma, doing good, helping others and not harming any life form, which is the true essence of any religion in this galaxy and beyond. Yes aliens also have their own religions :-) :-)
Everyone has the right to have their own believes and we are nobody to mock them. However the problem usually arises when we try to enforce our believes on others. I strongly believe that what was taught by these founders of the religions was much different than what is being preached or written in the religious texts that are available today. It is simple, any king or religious leader/ priest etc would find it much easier to make all the people do something if they said this is the word of God / Prophet / Messiah etc rather than saying do this because I tell you so. So sadly most of the religious texts today are filled with matter that has been altered by these Kings / priests / preachers etc.
So what is religion? Did any of the Prophets/ Messiahs / Gods / and so on ever coin the word “RELIGION” ? Well the answer is a big NO. None of these spiritually enlightened beings ever wished to have their teachings fixed in a box and given a name. They all said only one thing - “These are my thoughts on how to live life if you wish to follow them you are most welcome.” After that their predecessors cleverly changed the word “thoughts” to “teachings”. In fact Buddha use to always tell his disciples “If you meet a Buddha on the road kill him”. “Buddha” literally means the enlightened one. By the above sentence Buddha use to explain to disciples that - do not worship anyone, if you like his / her thoughts follow the thoughts. Don’t put them up on a pedestal or think he / she will transform your life for you. Your life is yours and any transformation that you desire can be achieved by you yourself using your mind and soul in unison. 
We as human beings have developed this unnecessary habit to label everything so we have - he / she is a GOOD person , he /she is a BAD person, he /she is this , he / she is that and so on. Who gave us the right or authority to go around labeling everyone or everything? What may seem good to you may actually be bad to another and so on . As long as we are not harming anyone or society and are doing what we believe to be the path for us then I do not think anyone has the right to comment , ridicule, gossip, mock or condemn anyone for their beliefs or life style.
This insatiable urge to label everything that we have or see or believe in is what made us label the thoughts of spiritually inclined people as “Religions”. Just imagine if we stop labeling everything then there would be no religions only human beings following certain thoughts which they feel is the right path for them. Can you imagine how peaceful this earth would be? Do you know that we have lost so many human beings in wars, agitations, riots or rebellious movements based on religion and religious beliefs ? 
Was it a wise move to create this label “Religion” is a topic that is futile to debate on because it has already been done. We can not change the past but we can amend our present so that the future generations live in a label free world. 
A world where a human being is looked at for what he or she is and not based on their spiritual beliefs, passport, colour, race, gender and so on. 
Some of you may think it is a nice thought but too far fetched to become a reality. Well this is exactly where the problem lies. We want others to change things then we will join the movement. To bring change we need to work collectively. If you really wish to see such a change then from now start by you, yourself being the change. Don’t go about preaching these thoughts just live by it. When people around you see the change if they like it they will on their own accord either ask you about it or themselves start being the change like you. 
Every drop fills the ocean and every human transformed will slowly make this planet that we call our home a more peaceful and loving place to be in.

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