Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Emptiness within......

Life is a gift.

          A gift of magnanimous proportions.

                                                 A gift that we often take for granted.

Life is a gift. A gift of eternal bliss, a gift of universal transcendence. Most of the time we are confused with what life is about. This confusion leads us to make our own set of beliefs or follow different groups (religions, clans, social forums etc). There is nothing wrong in following any group or religion, the problem lies when we follow something just because we are born in to it or because that is what everyone is doing or because we do not wish to get in to a conflict with people so we just follow everyone. Do anything because you understand it, believe in the process / thoughts etc, because it is what resonates with your every breath and your soul. Often our beliefs cause us to question the true purpose of life. Sometimes this happens in our conscious state but often it is the silent war that is constantly fought at our subconscious level. We sit to introspect trying to resolve our anguish and confusion but often this further confuses us. This cycle keeps repeating again and again and again till we achieve Satori ( instant enlightenment ). We need to resolve this constant cycle of confusion. Which is the cause for the highs and lows of our life. As well as the cause for our pain, sorrow, disappointment, depression and lots more. 

Today everyone is so caught up in the rat race of life. Everyone seems to be living to put up a show or an act for the world around us. Most of us are constantly wanting things, usually it is to live up to our so called external image in front of the world. Most of our wants are not our needs and some of our needs get neglected because we are so busy fulfilling all our external wants. Over time this constant state of wanting pulls us away from our true self to a point where we really don't know what we need. We are still so engrossed in this external show or act or drama that we decide to hide this alarming signal and continue with our fake or made up outer self. I do not say money is bad or not needed. Lets face it we all need it, to eat, live and thrive. However when we make money our so called God then there is an issue with us. Many will say - No am not materialistic. Well we say that because we are comparing ourselves with either people in our same income level or people who are more materialistically blessed. Close your eyes , breathe, relax then imagine not having anything that you have. Now make a list of 10 things that you would need to get through just one day when you have nothing. The list will be very simple - clothes (not branded), food (not a lavish meal), shelter (not a palace) and so on. It will not include 95% of our so called wants. It is simple - wants are external and insatiable however needs are internal and have a barrier where we achieve the state of contentment.
This is the classic example of a mind that has wandered astray from the soul. The further it has wandered or the bigger the distance between the mind and the soul the more issues and confusions arise. This distance varies in all of us. This variation of distance is what makes all our lives so different with so many different situations and lots more. The only way to reduce , rectify or change this cycle of life ( repetitive cycles of confusion ) is to connect with the soul. When I say connect to the soul, I do not imply to reduce the discord between the mind and the soul. I literally mean that we need to live through our soul. Once you can find your soul then your life will transform faster than the snap of your fingers. Yes, I know that some reading about this transformation will think - Oh great so I will get this or I will get a promotion or all my worries will vanish. Nothing of that sort will happen. However your perception towards life will change so what was a worry before may not even bother you now, what was a desire or a goal before may seem so irrelevant now.

This is called true transcendence, a shift in your paradigm.

Just sit by yourself, no music, no people around, just sit and look at yourself in the mirror ( you don't need to go to quiet place, just don't make any noise by yourself, let the world continue the way it does). If your mind gets any thoughts just stop yourself from thinking or internally discussing / debating those thoughts. Stare at the mirror till you no longer see your external self, till you stop noticing or counting the wrinkles, pimples, white hair, tan of the skin and so on. Stare at the mirror calmly, breathe deep, without straining your eyes or your mind. Just do this for 5 minutes daily. After a few days (4-5) , increase the time to 10 minutes. You will observe that the thoughts reduce, in less than a minute you no longer see your external self but start looking within yourself. You start understanding your actions, your soul or your true inner self or your conscience starts taking control and points out all the things that you have done, do or  keep doing which it does not agree with. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed with this full process, then stop keeping a fixed number of minutes to sit, just sit and do it till you feel it is enough from within. It will result in clearing a lot of your baggage's from the past. Gradually start making these changes in your attitude and behaviour. This simple exercise if done properly will surely lead you to a connection with your true inner self. 

Gradually the emptiness within will disappear. Your life will seem more joyful and vibrant with positivity. 

If you have any further questions or would like any assistance with this simple method of connecting within, please feel free to contact me and I will most willingly help you out.




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