Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Are we racing towards our end?????????

Do you drive to work like you are Michael Schumacher?

Do you literally gulp your food down like you are at a food eating contest?

Are you always rushing?

Irrespective of your belief in one life or rebirth the fact remains that we are aware only of the life we are breathing in. Let us try to make it a memorable life, a life filled with an endless string of cherished moments.

Today most of us are rushing through life. We are all constantly in a hurry and are thinking of the next task even before we start the task we are about to take up. This rat race attitude is directly proportionate to our lifespans. It is no hidden fact that the more we run and chase things all our lives the faster comes the end to our lives. We are reducing our lifespans by our attitude daily. Some of you will blame it on pollution, contamination in our food and water, fertilizers, pesticides and lots more. Though these may be factors that play a role but our mind plays a bigger role in the map of our lives.

I shall explain this by a true story - At one of the prisoner of war camps during world war II there was this young captain who was held captive. This camp was known to be a place that assured slow and painful death to all its prisoners. They were tortured physically everyday. The captives were served food of water mixed with what remained after the officers of the camp and the dogs had eaten. It usually use to be infected with numerous infections thanks to the dogs eating out of it and often the officers would spit in it before serving it. When the war ended the only prisoner who had survived this gruesome camp was this young captain. He was asked how did he stay fit and free from any ailments in spite of the conditions that the camp offered. He said - Every time we were served food I would close my eyes and visualize a nice big roasted Turkey and all my family members at the table. I would keep my eyes closed and eat the food while I saw myself eating Turkey in my mind.

Interesting isn't it???? This is just how amazing our mind is. This is just how powerful our thoughts are.

Relax, breathe and enjoy every moment because once it goes by you never get it back. Wake up an hour early so you can meditate, get dressed peacefully while being grateful for all that you have, listening to some nice instrumental music ( rock and roll is fine if that is what keeps you calm), sitting peacefully and eating your breakfast in a relaxed manner, slowly relishing the taste of all that your breakfast consists of, offering gratitude for the wonderful meal, leaving home humming your favourite song, driving at a decent speed ( preferably below 50km/hour in the city) and following all the traffic laws.

Did it sound like the perfect life? Oh yes but we will blame our family members, spouse, kids etc for being the reason we rush. Well if excuses is what we are always going to be looking for then an excuse is what we will get.

I have seen people chew so fast they seem to be in a contest with the digestive enzymes in their mouth. Chew slowly, relish the taste. It is said that each morsel of food should be chewed about 30 times before it finally goes down our food pipe. Food will taste better and be more nutritious if we eat slowlyyyyy. Keep your cellphones far away when you eat, the world won't end if you text or call back after 15 minutes. Don't watch TV or read a book while eating. Finish your dinner early if you have a live match or a movie you like coming on the television. No matter what happens just sit and eat and have positive discussions at the dinner table.

Have you wondered why we call it a dinner table and not a breakfast table or a lunch table or a meal table????  Even when most of our ancestors were farmers or traders before our gigantic metropolitan cities came in to existence, they use to leave for work / farms early morning sometimes with their family members having their breakfast and lunch at the farm or at work. It is only at dinner time that all family members sat together and ate. Hence the term Dinner table. This may seem insignificant but it has a vast impact on our lives. Sitting with your family members on the same table and eating together while having positive discussions can help reduce the stress from work. If you can manage to have the breakfast together too that would start your day with an added dose of positivity.

Similarly slow down everything that you do daily. I am not asking you to crawl, just walk instead of running. Enjoy the drive / ride to work. So what if there is traffic or some people who just do not know how to drive are right in front of you. Do not let all this affect you. Keep counting your blessings and visualize the day as you want it to be. Enjoy the music in the car. Be grateful that you have a car or bike or have the money to pay for the taxi or the ticket for the public transport.

Haste makes waste -  this old saying is true in so many ways. Most of our ailments are caused because of us constantly chasing or running through life. Cancer is said to be the ailment of confusion. When we are constantly running through life we build up stress and our body and subconscious is in a confused state, over loaded with lots of data to process. The result is confusion which may manifest in to our reality as cancer or other life long ailments like diabetes etc. These ailments are nothing but a sign by our subconscious asking us to slow down.

Plan the morning in your mind before you go to bed, visualize every minute detail. When your morning starts positively there is a good chance positivity will flow through your day too.

Worrying or stressing over an issue at work or an important business decision that may have gone wrong will not reverse time for you to change your approach. However it will surely affect your now and could affect your decision making too. Some will say - It is easy for you to say so when it is me who will loose a few millions by this deal going sour. Well let me ask you something - Where did the money in your business come from? It came from your hard work and in case you inherited it then it came from your parents and their parents hard work. Before that you had nothing so why worry of losing it and ruining the present and the immediate future. Instead relax, breathe, drink some green tea and look at the issue at hand proactively. A solution will emerge that could convert a loss in to a windfall.

All we need is to slow down.

Slow down and enjoy your breath.

Slow down and enjoy each step.