Saturday, 5 November 2016

Crossing the bridge....

If life is a journey then the path of this journey is filled with numerous bridges. Some like to call these bridges as choices, for with every different bridge that we decide to cross over our journey takes another change or turn. 

As we grow up from infancy to adulthood the way or reason we cross certain bridges differs. When small we are just taught to follow our elders or peers and we keep crossing bridges not because we feel they are the ones we wish to cross but because we are conditioned to stay with the herd in the name of safety, security, society and so on. Some of us are stuck in this viscous circle for an entire lifetime. Running through life, crossing bridge after bridge, chasing dreams that are not even ours but sold to us, making us believe that they are actually our own dreams and this is what life is about or that this is the purpose of life itself. Some of us wake up from this illusion, this mirage and when that happens we actually see the world for what it truly is and not the well sold lie that most of us believe. For some this eyeopener can be very difficult to digest and accept so they run faster in the rat race with the herd to try and cover or forget this revelation. While a few are just so immersed in this bliss that their complete journey slows down, they begin to stop and smell the flowers, breathe with freedom, feel lighter within, their vibrations begin to change, they are now actually on the path of transcending. 

Often people say don't get pulled in to another persons anger, pull them in to your peace. Well I beg to differ with that statement. We can not pull anyone anywhere. All we can do is walk the path and shed love and light, some may call us weird, some may be in awe at the fact that we can do or live in a way which they feel is right but are just too terrified to try and a few will actually decide to surrender and walk the path we are on. These few are the ones who will someday be the ones that will further guide another few to walk the path, not by pulling anyone but by just walking the path themselves. 

When I talk of surrender, I do not refer to surrendering to me or to any physical or imaginary person. Surrender is about handing over the reigns of your every breath to your own soul. To live soulfully, to literally live intrinsically, to not follow your heart or mind, to just be, The path will unravel and the soul will lead us to that path. 

The conditioning from birth takes many of us so far away from our soul, that when we are waking up, we just feel so lost and chaotic. Some get depressive or sad, some get anxious and try everything they can to get the connection within. They run from pillar to post and yet after trying everything they still feel something is missing. Every time they try something they feel bliss temporarily which wears out within a few days, weeks or months. Then they are again feeling lost and search for other things to try or they just can not accept that they are lost, so they stick to that and create a persona of external bliss but inside they are in even more chaos than before. This makes such people very rigid and slowly they get stiff physically, emotionally and mentally.

This is exactly why we need someone to guide us. When we go for a trek up a mountain that we are not familiar with we ask around or take the help of a guide similarly in the trek on the spiritual path too we need someone to guide us, to monitor our progress. 

However there are so many guides out there today. Not all are genuine, not all are fake. The other day a dear soul was venting out his frustration about the guide he had chosen, keeping unnecessary restrictions and rules that make no spiritual sense. I will explain this in the same way I explained it to him - There are some guides sitting midway on the path, they themselves are puzzled as to how they can traverse through the terrain ahead, when we reach the place they are at, they can not accept that they are lost and also can not guide us further. So they sit there trying to put up an external persona of bliss and lay down certain things to follow. Which they claim will prepare us for the path ahead. Often these things make no sense and are just ways to ensure that we can not accomplish all of them together so that the question of showing the path ahead never ever arises. When we select such guides we feel good for sometime, once the initial phase of the romance with this new found spiritual path begins to wear out we are in a place which is like the quick sand, pulling us in deeper when we try to resist or get out of it. Having said all the above, I do strongly believe in following a disciplined approach. We can not run a marathon without training for it, we can not climb Everest without constantly working on our fitness levels, similarly we need to be disciplined on the path of spirituality too. However discipline should not be mistaken for something that leads to a cult mentality for a cult is never about freedom but about blindly following what is laid down. 

There are many bridges, there are many paths, choose well the bridge you wish to cross and cross it, don't linger at the edge of the bridge buying time. It wont take you anywhere.




Friday, 9 September 2016

Connecting to Nature and the Universe

 My journey in to the spiritual world started more than 2 decades ago. Training in traditional Japanese martial arts since a very young age lead me on to this path. Along the way I have met and keep meeting numerous teachers, guides and fellow travelers. A truly splendid journey which has made me who I am today.

On Saturday the 30th of July 2016 I just got this inner urge to go completely barefoot. To discard any footwear. Going barefoot not just for an hour or two a day but being barefoot 24/7. Over a month later I am still moving around barefoot and decided to write about it. 

Often when people talk of grounding or earthing they refer to the absorption of energy from the earth by walking barefoot on it. However I have understood it a bit differently than what has been taught or believed by quite a few. 

Lets imagine the Earth as the source of electricity and the Universe as a bulb. Now that makes us the wire connecting the electricity to the bulb. When we wear footwear, it plays like an insulation preventing the flow of electricity from the Earth to the Universe (bulb). Unlike the conventional bulb which switches on immediately when we switch it on, our universe doesn't respond like that. It takes a couple of hours or even days to establish the connect. The time taken varies from human to human depending on their aura, vibrations and energy flow within their bodies. It is ideal to start with a few hours a day and slowly move to all day, if going completely barefoot in one go seems too extreme or scary. The benefits are limitless and not just connected to spirituality. The body begins to heal, the muscles and joints get stronger and more energized, chronic ailments will start healing, the flow of energy within the body will increase in multitudes. I do healings and Chakra settings for many people on a daily basis, the flow of energy has surely gone up by quite a few notches since I went barefoot. The connect and surrender to the universe feels awesome and just perfect.

I cycle wherever  I need to go and my cycle pedal has sharp ridges to give a good grip to the shoes. That had been troubling me from the day I started going barefoot. Got a few blisters too. However being a minimalist spending money to change the pedal to a plastic one did not make sense. I continued with the same pedal. The body did get use to it but the speed of cycling slowed down, so I stuck some sponge on the pedal and now the problem has resolved. There are certain places which may not allow you in if you turn up without shoes. You could carry your footwear when going to such places.

People will try to dissuade or ask questions which may scare you. However to experience anything new we need to go out of our comfort zone and surrender to the journey. The most common fear is about dirt. Well dirt is another word for mud and dirty is just a lot of dirt. Dirt is nothing to be scared of. Next comes garbage, spit etc, well when we wear shoes do we walk through garbage? We don't, then why would we walk through garbage when we go barefoot. The fear of broken glass or nails is legit to an extent. The solution is focus on walking, make walking your meditation and you will spot the glass pieces, nails etc. Making it walking Zen. 

The secret to growth is to experience new things as much as possible. Do not succumb to fear or what others may think. As long as you are not harming anyone directly, you can carry on with the experience. 

Fear leads to a cage, 

Surrender leads to the vastness of the Universe

The choice is ours to make!!!





Thursday, 4 August 2016

The shackles of resistance - How to overcome.....

Resistance as we discussed in the previous article is what holds us back not only from trying new things or being open minded but also adds obstacles to our personal growth spiritually.

Resistance is not just the result of our conditioning or the result of conforming to society but also a result of growing from our previous patterns of resistance. So a certain pattern can give rise to another set of resistances and so on. Just like a seed gives birth to a tree, the tree then gives a fruit and the seed in the fruit can grow another tree. Similarly one fear can create more fears, one resistance can create more resistances.

The only way to get out of this continuous circle of toxicity is to accept and release. We will look at some of these resistance patterns that become our character trait and how to work on them.

Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Rage, Revenge are just some of the negative patterns of resistance that become our character traits. We will discuss on how to work on any of these traits. 

 Lets take the example of fire. If a patch of land catches fire and we wish to extinguish it we won't add more wood or anything that will burn in to the fire would we? Similarly just suppressing it by letting it burn and looking the other way won't put out the fire too, instead it may spread to other areas also. The only way to effectively extinguish the fire is to go to its root, understand what type of fire are we dealing with, how combustible are the substances that are burning etc and then we will decide on what would be the ideal manner to extinguish it without causing more harm or damage. Similarly we need to approach our negative character traits of resistance in the same manner. We should never try to control it nor should we suppress them. We need to learn to become one with them. When the anger rises don't push it down, but as it rises be conscious and become one with the anger. Immerse yourself in to the rage in to the fear and so on. When your anger which was an emotion transforms in  to you as a person then you will feel the anger before you spew it out on others. Then you will realize how toxic and harmful it is. At this moment of realization we need to release these traits of resistance. We need to accept our true self and blow away these traits that we have pulled out like weeds in a flower bed. 

Some believe they are trying but they never can achieve the change they seek. May it be weight loss or control over wrong food habits or just an effort to break free from a simple conditioning of wearing a pollution mask or covering the face up. First of all pollution is a gas and unless you are wearing a sophisticated gas mask the pollutant gases will easily pass though the barriers of cloth and enter your nostrils. It is our fear, our constant state of conforming that makes us do such illogical things. I hear people talking that beauty is not about the colour of our skin and these same people are the ones that cover their face and arms when outside or smear the body with loads of toxic creams and lotions like sunscreen creams etc. When we live with such blatant hypocrisy then our body is bound to be confused and ailments are bound to rise. Have you noticed what we fear is what we get. People who fear death after retirement die faster than those who start reliving after retirement. Parents that try to protect their children from pollution etc are the same children that have loads of allergies and ailments like asthama etc. So what we fear is what we become. Fear not loosing weight and you won't loose even a single gram over a long period of time. Fear not being able to give up on smoking or any other vice well then you surely wont be able to no matter how much you try, because you are only trying but the fear within has already decided the result. 

To transform, to break free from these shackles all we need is to Accept and Release. These two along with a healthy dose of Gratitude can make everything in this universe available at a snap of your fingers.

The video below is a simple meditation to help release some of our negativity, it can also be used to release anything or any character traits that we believe are restraining us.

Do follow the meditation. Try it once or twice a day for a minimum of 15 - 20 days. You will start feeling the shackles dissolving. If you need any further guidance or assistance do get in touch with us.





Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The shackles of resistance

A few weeks back a dear soul and myself were discussing about how restraints and conditioning affects us. The dear soul requested me to write on this subject. So here we are with my thoughts on this vast topic. Will try to keep it as brief as possible.

From the time we are born we are constantly being conditioned or put in to a certain frame work that is believed to be perfect for us. We are being taught what to like, what to hate, what is right, what is wrong, what to eat, what to wear, how to think, how to live and so on.

These restraints or conditioning that we grow up with are based on fear. Fear of going against what we are told to be right or the fear of living beyond the barriers that have been given to us. The sum of these fears is inversely proportional to the sum of experiences that make up our life. We start living like the dead but are still breathing. Everything we do is the result of the conditioning that has become us. To try anything beyond that conditioning is considered taboo. When we are so scared to look beyond the walls that are built around us, we end up being prisoners, for we have never tried anything beyond those walls. We have never had the chance to try both sides and decide what is perfect for our well being.

From the time we start taking our first few steps we are taught to fear our own bodies, to cover it up. The very same body that is created by the universe / creator / God. We are made conscious of our physical selves in a way that at a deeper level we are constantly afraid of anyone getting a glimpse of our bodies. I do not say that to get rid of this fear we all should shed our clothes and walk around naked. However being naked is one of our first and biggest fears. This fear manifests in to numerous other fears as we grow up. 

When choices or the ability to freely go about trying anything and then deciding for ourselves which side to choose is missing we are in  shackles.

                                                                   The Shackles of Restraint

To make strong, the walls of conditioning that are built around us, we are usually told or taught that it is against the word of God or that it is against the framework of society. This leads to us being taught to live by the image that we are told to maintain. Conditioning leads to us living more for how the people around us look at us or how we would appear in the eyes of God rather than how our souls wish to live. Any attempt to try anything beyond these walls is looked up by all around us as insanity and people who break these barriers are often referred as queer or crazy. When in reality they are the few sane people left and the others are zombies in shackles, following a path like a herd of sheep. 

We are taught toxic words like Shame or being Ashamed. Being ashamed is nothing but feeling bad for how people around us view the act we have done. It is nothing but another attempt to force us externally to live within the framework. A person caught committing a crime may surely feel ashamed temporarily for what they have done thanks to the way society reacts to their behaviour, however unless the person repents rather than being ashamed they will never change. So in the end only when we connect within and understand what we have done by comparing the options after experiencing them can there be change and growth. Just being ashamed because we broke the image that we were supposed to live by will never resolve the issue. 

This does not mean we should do everything that is opposite to what we are taught, neither does it mean that all we are taught while growing up is wrong or false. It just means we need to be more open minded to other possibilities and take our decisions not based on only what we are told to be the truth. 

Life is not about living up to the expectations or images that people have from us. When we live like that we feel a drain, a drain that runs deep, draining us not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

There are no boundaries, no right or wrong, no good or bad. It all boils down to whether we are ready to get rid of these shackles and start thinking freely and gradually start living free from all these shackles not bothered of what people think of us but being concerned about connecting within and being true to our own self.




Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Love the emotion.....

A word that has been so badly mangled, twisted and churned by people, society, movies etc that it has lost its true meaning, its essence and its nature.

The word Love is an emotion. An emotion that is very basic and centric to our very existence. Yet today it is in a confused state which further causes confusions within us and makes a simple life very complex and mutated. 

Then we have the absurd concept of love and unconditional love. Well it is the most regressive and repulsive thing created about the simple image of an emotion.  Love is an emotion just like anger, rage, joy, hate, peace etc. Do we have conditional and unconditional Anger or Hate or Peace????????
Well we do not. We do not have any expectations too, we just express our anger or hate or joy or peace without having a prefixed notion of some stipulations or reciprocation. Then why is there a disparity in how we view Love which is also just an emotion?

This is the result of how modern so called developed society has redefined and shaped this simple emotion making it complex and mangled. 

Love is always unconditional. The moment we connect to this wonderful emotion from our heart and not from the mind which has numerous definitions set to explain this emotion, we will understand love. Love will be the same for a family member or a person we just interact with for work etc. Yes we may feel the emotion more intensely for a few or for the one we are very closely bonded to but at the core it will be the same. The moment an emotion that is supposed to be in the heart moves to the mind it ceases to be an emotion. It is no longer an emotion but a word just like any other which we have been taught and defined. This is the part where all the expectations, stipulations and conditions waltz in creating a chaos and confusion that is beyond comprehension.

The moment expectation exists in anything that you love or in any relationship it ceases to be love. Even if it is a teeny weeny expectation of missing or the need to see or have that person around you. Then it is no longer an emotion in its pure and natural state. One does not need approval to love, we seek that approval for we have expectations and look for reciprocation.

Look at nature, go deep in to the forest on your own stay there for a few days (please use your prudence, if you have never tried this then go stay at a lodge or hotel at a nature reserve) everything in nature expresses unconditional love and that is why we feel so good and energized. That is Love, you feel it, you sense it unconditionally. You connect with your inner self, your soul.

When we connect to love at this level, it transforms the way you look at life, the way you look at your relationships and so on. For now you expect nothing. You can give love to anyone even when they may not reciprocate or may be they actually hate you. The best part is it does not matter anymore as for you now it is purely an emotion in its purest form. 

I started trying to connect with this emotion in the true form years back. The results have been spellbinding. Today I connect with total strangers and they speak to me as if they know me from years. Just yesterday I was waiting for Aanil to remove his bike from the parking area of a super market and an auto rickshaw  driver who I have never ever met before bobed his head out and asked me how I was doing. We started talking and we discussed the weather and so on. This is not the first time I have experienced this. It happens to me everyday since the day I connected to the core of this emotion. People don't understand why they start talking or pour out everything to me but deep down their soul senses the undiluted emotion of love and the comfort it brings with it. 

So if you wish to experience love then don't think from the mind that has different definitions for the same emotion. 

Search within, dive deep inside and start by loving yourself first, understanding the emotion as it is undiluted and pure. Once you have done that just let it radiate from within you and it will be felt by all around. Many may wonder why you behave in a certain manner or question your intentions or why would you do so much for people you are not bound by blood or relation but they feel that because they are trying to understand what you do from the definitions they have about the emotion and not the emotion itself.




Friday, 6 May 2016

Reach within & let it go.........

At some point in our lives we all need to  Let it go............

Today I was wondering what topic should I write on and suddenly came across this wonderful song by some divine intervention. Immediately I had a topic to write on. Moreover it is something that relates to quite a few people around me who I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with to get over their fears. 

I am attaching the you tube link of the song by the singer Ms. Anna Mathew that lead me to write this post -

We all hold on to our fears. We try to forgive the person or forget the cause of our fears but  the fear remains within. If anyone tells you he has no fear then he is either very spiritually developed or is lying. Fear is natural nothing to be ashamed of or depressed about.

I myself use to have the fear of heights. Would get dizzy and feel as if I am falling down. Well then I worked on it. Reached deep within and released what was causing this. In 2015 I jumped off a plane (sky diving) from 13000 feet descending at about 200 + kms an hour. Yes the same person who would get dizzy from the 1st floor.

Similarly different fears can manifest from totally different or contrasting situations. Some have fears of height, some have fears of betrayal, some have fears of claustrophobia, some have fears of anything outside their daily routine or comfort zone like cooking or running etc and lots lots more. Most of us fear nudity and you know the best part is that we do not fear it because someone will see us but because somewhere inside we are not happy with abode within which our soul rests. We fear that people will mock us and so on. 

So how do we know what is the cause or how do we release all this and let it go????

Well sometimes we are aware of the situations that are causing this and sometimes we just don't have a clue. As the spiritual realm does not work in a set pattern but varies on the basis of numerous factors and aspects. 

All our ailments are also the result or manifestation of these fears. 

First thing we need to do is stop looking back or in the past. Accept everything that we have been through. Thank the person or situations for the wonderful moments. Finally sit and release all this.

Sounds easy but am sure you are wondering how to go about it.

Well take a paper and pen sit and write down about anything, person or situation that is troubling you or you feel is troubling you or has had an impact on you. Now that we have it written down, sit to meditate. Close your eyes breathe deep from your belly. Now take your mind back to that situation or to that person. Remember and see everything that existed between you both or that transpired in that situation or incident. Count the good moments from them, the ones you would be happy with or even cherish. Now express gratitude for them. Finally after expressing gratitude release the fears or the situation or person.

                              Let it go....... 

Once you let go you will feel lighter within. If not repeat the same in your meditation for a few more days. Often while we are working on releasing a certain incident, situation or person more such things that are disturbing us within begin to surface. Work on them too. Slowly all the issues will begin to release and you will feel better. Your ailments if any will begin to heal. You will be ready to move ahead and work on your Now, without looking back at your Past, which will result in shaping your Future. 

If you wish to contact me for any further guidance or assistance with any issues or matter kindly do get the the contact details from " Contact Us " page.




Thursday, 31 March 2016


What is Surrender? 

Is it about giving in or accepting defeat? 

Well like many words surrender can have a different meaning for different people depending on their current situation in life, their understanding of life and self, their spiritual and emotional maturity.
I will explain surrender the way I got to understand it. 

Many many many years ago when I started on the path of spirituality, I was like a small child eager to climb up a hill so that I could get the candy. Am sure most people start this way. The feeling of starting on  a new journey inwards and knowing the kind of mystical adventures and treasures it could bring forth fills us all up with the glee and enthusiasm of a small baby seeking the candy.

This stage is where many who are new to the path feel the placebo effect of deep meditation or of peace and calm etc. I do not say that this is what all experience but from my talks with some very enlightened monks, hermits etc it is a very common experience for most people. It is not bad nor is it good, it is just an experience. Sometimes it is this placebo experience that draws  people further in to spirituality. That is when the real journey begins.

As I continued to tread this path, I started to get deeper in to it. I no longer wanted to reach the top of the hill for the candy. I no longer was brimming with eagerness to see what lies beyond the horizon.  I was in a state where I just was and was treading the path without a destination in mind but with the joy for the journey itself, the glee and eagerness of what lies far ahead had got replaced with every breath and every step I took. 

A mystic who lives in the Himalayas once told me - When you become one with the horizon you will no longer see ahead or behind, you will just be. 
This is surrender. The feeling from within of no longer wanting to go anywhere or achieve anything. Just walking your path with a knowing that resonates with the Universe, a knowing that when things are to happen they will. There is no longer any anxiety or turmoil within just a knowing that can not be easily explained in words.

 So to sum it up Surrender is not about giving in or going with the flow or accepting defeat, Surrender is about becoming one with the universe and resonating at the vibrational frequency of the Universe. 

Surrender is not an act of doing something,  

Surrender  is a state of being.........  




Wednesday, 24 February 2016

From Forgiveness to Acceptance....

Life is a journey. A journey where we meet numerous people and experience numerous situations. How we respond to the people in or around our lives as well as the situations decides how we go ahead with our lives and what we attract to us.

Am sure we all have some people around us at work or in our friends circle or one of our neighbours or even someone in our family who really tweak our strings well. They seem to have perfected the art of pulling our strings to get us in one of those not so joyful states. Well am sure by now some of you have already got a visual of that person in your mind. 

Besides the people mentioned above there will be others whom you may not meet daily, but are still going to get on your nerves end. Getting angry and verbal is an option but it is not something we should do. Yes, if the person is someone we interact with daily then one should get the message across in a peaceful and assertive manner. Let them know how you feel about all that is happening or about what has happened.

Now lets look at it from the point of approach to such situations. Often people talk of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is the first stage to not let the toxic situation affect us and our peace. However it is not the last step and without completing the process in totality we will still have the toxic situation or thoughts playing out in our subconscious every day. Which in turn will affect our peace, increase our frustration levels, manifest in to an ailment and lots more. 

Let us take a very insignificant situation that we may experience. However the frequency of the situation is pretty regular.  We all come across people on the road that drive rash or keep honking or suddenly change lanes without any signal and so on. Well these people get us angry which stays within us. Sometimes we shout at them or ask them where they learned to drive like that. These moments of anger does not change the other person. They will go and laugh about it with their friends. However the rage or anger will keep burning within us subconsciously for years to come even though we may not remember the situation as such.

This internal burning multiplies by a 100 times when the person concerned is someone in our close circle may it be a good friend or a loved one or a family member. 

We often say we forgive but only forgiveness wont release the anger within. lets look at it step wise.

Forgive - We need to sit and forgive the person. To forgive we need to understand the situation from their point of view or mindset. This helps us better understand why they did that. Once we  understand, it is easier to forgive.

Release - This is a vital step. It is like a bridge between two mountains. We need to sit calmly empty our mind, clear our thoughts and release all the rage, anger, disappointment etc we can sense within us with regards to that person and the situation. There are some meditations for this. We would be most happy to guide anyone who is interested in them. 

Acceptance - Usually the behaviour of people is a set pattern of their lives unless they start working on connecting within they will follow the same pattern again and again. Hence we keep facing various situations with these people again and again. The situations or the experiences may vary but the negativity or toxicity that harms us will be more or less the same. We need to accept their behaviour without forcing to change them. This seems like a difficult step. However it does not mean that we should continue to allow them to cause us pain or hurt us. We can always move apart or break ties with them. Even if we break ties the process will not be complete till we accept them as they are or the way they are behaving. When we can accept them for who they are without getting affected or wanting to change them, we will feel a calm within even when they are around. 

If you wish to bring a change do not try to change the person but work on visualizing and meditating on the change in the relationship you share with that person. This will bring out a positive change in them without you even having to debate with them over it. 

Every night before we go to sleep we could sit quietly or lie down close our eyes and try to recollect every situation from the time we woke up till now that has pushed our buttons. Start forgiving and releasing them one by one. Once you finish releasing everything then repeat - I accept those around me for who they are. I accept and understand their behaviour.  After that you could meditate or visualize the change you believe in and then go to sleep.

Regularly following the above steps will not only stop the regular increase of baggage that we collect but will gradually get rid of all our old baggage's too.

To err is human,

To forgive is superhuman,

To accept is being human.



Sunday, 3 January 2016

Can you recognize yourself when all the masks are removed????

The new year has started.....

It brings with it many resolutions,

some may have already been broken,

some we are still trying to stick to....

With all these resolutions let us try to resolve to find our true self behind all the masks we wear daily and let us try to be that person only in front of all. 

Let us resolve to do away with all our masks. 

In today's day and age we put on so many masks. With each mask our personality and behaviours change. The changes are so effortless that we don't even need to make an effort, as the situation changes so does the mask. 

A mask of a daughter / son.
A mask of a mother / father.
A mask of a boss / employee.
A mask of a friend / acquaintance 

And the list can go on and on.......

The need for these masks arises because we have labelled everything for example - a loving mother, a strict father, a dutiful husband, a taskmaster boss and so on . There can be so many different labels to each of the roles that we play in our daily lives. Once we select or are taught of different labels we start living up to them. With each label we try to live up to we put on a new mask. The masks keep increasing regularly. A boss or an employee for example can have many masks while at work, varying from whom they are dealing with. With all the wearing and removing of masks we tend to loose our true self and start confusing our subconscious. The subconscious then tries to form a mix of all the personalities behind each mask to form a new identity of the self. 

This leads to the disconnect between our soul and our self. Once the disconnect is forged, we have lost our true identity somewhere deep within us. This disconnect can lead to numerous conflicts within at a subconscious level, sooner or later manifesting as ailments and issues in our lives. It slowly begins to pour in to our physical realm too making us easily irritated, angry, frustrated, depressed and so on.

One needs to start meditating to reconnect within. Start living in the now without a yesterday or a tomorrow. Be mindful of every breathe, every thought and every moment. Gradually start being the same person wherever you go or in whatever role of life you act out. Initially this will seem difficult, some of our fears and insecurities will surface. However surrender to this process with full belief. The knots within will start dissolving, life will start getting more clear, relationships will improve, your health will improve, you will start feeling happier, positive and filled with love and lots lots lots more. 

Seems like a magic charm, doesn't it?

Well it is. All you need to do is get rid of all your masks, find your true self and just be YOU. Not how you think you should be or how people feel you should be in a specific role of life. Just be yourself and you will reclaim your life back. Once again reconnecting with your soul.