Sunday, 3 January 2016

Can you recognize yourself when all the masks are removed????

The new year has started.....

It brings with it many resolutions,

some may have already been broken,

some we are still trying to stick to....

With all these resolutions let us try to resolve to find our true self behind all the masks we wear daily and let us try to be that person only in front of all. 

Let us resolve to do away with all our masks. 

In today's day and age we put on so many masks. With each mask our personality and behaviours change. The changes are so effortless that we don't even need to make an effort, as the situation changes so does the mask. 

A mask of a daughter / son.
A mask of a mother / father.
A mask of a boss / employee.
A mask of a friend / acquaintance 

And the list can go on and on.......

The need for these masks arises because we have labelled everything for example - a loving mother, a strict father, a dutiful husband, a taskmaster boss and so on . There can be so many different labels to each of the roles that we play in our daily lives. Once we select or are taught of different labels we start living up to them. With each label we try to live up to we put on a new mask. The masks keep increasing regularly. A boss or an employee for example can have many masks while at work, varying from whom they are dealing with. With all the wearing and removing of masks we tend to loose our true self and start confusing our subconscious. The subconscious then tries to form a mix of all the personalities behind each mask to form a new identity of the self. 

This leads to the disconnect between our soul and our self. Once the disconnect is forged, we have lost our true identity somewhere deep within us. This disconnect can lead to numerous conflicts within at a subconscious level, sooner or later manifesting as ailments and issues in our lives. It slowly begins to pour in to our physical realm too making us easily irritated, angry, frustrated, depressed and so on.

One needs to start meditating to reconnect within. Start living in the now without a yesterday or a tomorrow. Be mindful of every breathe, every thought and every moment. Gradually start being the same person wherever you go or in whatever role of life you act out. Initially this will seem difficult, some of our fears and insecurities will surface. However surrender to this process with full belief. The knots within will start dissolving, life will start getting more clear, relationships will improve, your health will improve, you will start feeling happier, positive and filled with love and lots lots lots more. 

Seems like a magic charm, doesn't it?

Well it is. All you need to do is get rid of all your masks, find your true self and just be YOU. Not how you think you should be or how people feel you should be in a specific role of life. Just be yourself and you will reclaim your life back. Once again reconnecting with your soul.