Thursday, 31 March 2016


What is Surrender? 

Is it about giving in or accepting defeat? 

Well like many words surrender can have a different meaning for different people depending on their current situation in life, their understanding of life and self, their spiritual and emotional maturity.
I will explain surrender the way I got to understand it. 

Many many many years ago when I started on the path of spirituality, I was like a small child eager to climb up a hill so that I could get the candy. Am sure most people start this way. The feeling of starting on  a new journey inwards and knowing the kind of mystical adventures and treasures it could bring forth fills us all up with the glee and enthusiasm of a small baby seeking the candy.

This stage is where many who are new to the path feel the placebo effect of deep meditation or of peace and calm etc. I do not say that this is what all experience but from my talks with some very enlightened monks, hermits etc it is a very common experience for most people. It is not bad nor is it good, it is just an experience. Sometimes it is this placebo experience that draws  people further in to spirituality. That is when the real journey begins.

As I continued to tread this path, I started to get deeper in to it. I no longer wanted to reach the top of the hill for the candy. I no longer was brimming with eagerness to see what lies beyond the horizon.  I was in a state where I just was and was treading the path without a destination in mind but with the joy for the journey itself, the glee and eagerness of what lies far ahead had got replaced with every breath and every step I took. 

A mystic who lives in the Himalayas once told me - When you become one with the horizon you will no longer see ahead or behind, you will just be. 
This is surrender. The feeling from within of no longer wanting to go anywhere or achieve anything. Just walking your path with a knowing that resonates with the Universe, a knowing that when things are to happen they will. There is no longer any anxiety or turmoil within just a knowing that can not be easily explained in words.

 So to sum it up Surrender is not about giving in or going with the flow or accepting defeat, Surrender is about becoming one with the universe and resonating at the vibrational frequency of the Universe. 

Surrender is not an act of doing something,  

Surrender  is a state of being.........