Friday, 6 May 2016

Reach within & let it go.........

At some point in our lives we all need to  Let it go............

Today I was wondering what topic should I write on and suddenly came across this wonderful song by some divine intervention. Immediately I had a topic to write on. Moreover it is something that relates to quite a few people around me who I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with to get over their fears. 

I am attaching the you tube link of the song by the singer Ms. Anna Mathew that lead me to write this post -

We all hold on to our fears. We try to forgive the person or forget the cause of our fears but  the fear remains within. If anyone tells you he has no fear then he is either very spiritually developed or is lying. Fear is natural nothing to be ashamed of or depressed about.

I myself use to have the fear of heights. Would get dizzy and feel as if I am falling down. Well then I worked on it. Reached deep within and released what was causing this. In 2015 I jumped off a plane (sky diving) from 13000 feet descending at about 200 + kms an hour. Yes the same person who would get dizzy from the 1st floor.

Similarly different fears can manifest from totally different or contrasting situations. Some have fears of height, some have fears of betrayal, some have fears of claustrophobia, some have fears of anything outside their daily routine or comfort zone like cooking or running etc and lots lots more. Most of us fear nudity and you know the best part is that we do not fear it because someone will see us but because somewhere inside we are not happy with abode within which our soul rests. We fear that people will mock us and so on. 

So how do we know what is the cause or how do we release all this and let it go????

Well sometimes we are aware of the situations that are causing this and sometimes we just don't have a clue. As the spiritual realm does not work in a set pattern but varies on the basis of numerous factors and aspects. 

All our ailments are also the result or manifestation of these fears. 

First thing we need to do is stop looking back or in the past. Accept everything that we have been through. Thank the person or situations for the wonderful moments. Finally sit and release all this.

Sounds easy but am sure you are wondering how to go about it.

Well take a paper and pen sit and write down about anything, person or situation that is troubling you or you feel is troubling you or has had an impact on you. Now that we have it written down, sit to meditate. Close your eyes breathe deep from your belly. Now take your mind back to that situation or to that person. Remember and see everything that existed between you both or that transpired in that situation or incident. Count the good moments from them, the ones you would be happy with or even cherish. Now express gratitude for them. Finally after expressing gratitude release the fears or the situation or person.

                              Let it go....... 

Once you let go you will feel lighter within. If not repeat the same in your meditation for a few more days. Often while we are working on releasing a certain incident, situation or person more such things that are disturbing us within begin to surface. Work on them too. Slowly all the issues will begin to release and you will feel better. Your ailments if any will begin to heal. You will be ready to move ahead and work on your Now, without looking back at your Past, which will result in shaping your Future. 

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