Thursday, 4 August 2016

The shackles of resistance - How to overcome.....

Resistance as we discussed in the previous article is what holds us back not only from trying new things or being open minded but also adds obstacles to our personal growth spiritually.

Resistance is not just the result of our conditioning or the result of conforming to society but also a result of growing from our previous patterns of resistance. So a certain pattern can give rise to another set of resistances and so on. Just like a seed gives birth to a tree, the tree then gives a fruit and the seed in the fruit can grow another tree. Similarly one fear can create more fears, one resistance can create more resistances.

The only way to get out of this continuous circle of toxicity is to accept and release. We will look at some of these resistance patterns that become our character trait and how to work on them.

Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Rage, Revenge are just some of the negative patterns of resistance that become our character traits. We will discuss on how to work on any of these traits. 

 Lets take the example of fire. If a patch of land catches fire and we wish to extinguish it we won't add more wood or anything that will burn in to the fire would we? Similarly just suppressing it by letting it burn and looking the other way won't put out the fire too, instead it may spread to other areas also. The only way to effectively extinguish the fire is to go to its root, understand what type of fire are we dealing with, how combustible are the substances that are burning etc and then we will decide on what would be the ideal manner to extinguish it without causing more harm or damage. Similarly we need to approach our negative character traits of resistance in the same manner. We should never try to control it nor should we suppress them. We need to learn to become one with them. When the anger rises don't push it down, but as it rises be conscious and become one with the anger. Immerse yourself in to the rage in to the fear and so on. When your anger which was an emotion transforms in  to you as a person then you will feel the anger before you spew it out on others. Then you will realize how toxic and harmful it is. At this moment of realization we need to release these traits of resistance. We need to accept our true self and blow away these traits that we have pulled out like weeds in a flower bed. 

Some believe they are trying but they never can achieve the change they seek. May it be weight loss or control over wrong food habits or just an effort to break free from a simple conditioning of wearing a pollution mask or covering the face up. First of all pollution is a gas and unless you are wearing a sophisticated gas mask the pollutant gases will easily pass though the barriers of cloth and enter your nostrils. It is our fear, our constant state of conforming that makes us do such illogical things. I hear people talking that beauty is not about the colour of our skin and these same people are the ones that cover their face and arms when outside or smear the body with loads of toxic creams and lotions like sunscreen creams etc. When we live with such blatant hypocrisy then our body is bound to be confused and ailments are bound to rise. Have you noticed what we fear is what we get. People who fear death after retirement die faster than those who start reliving after retirement. Parents that try to protect their children from pollution etc are the same children that have loads of allergies and ailments like asthama etc. So what we fear is what we become. Fear not loosing weight and you won't loose even a single gram over a long period of time. Fear not being able to give up on smoking or any other vice well then you surely wont be able to no matter how much you try, because you are only trying but the fear within has already decided the result. 

To transform, to break free from these shackles all we need is to Accept and Release. These two along with a healthy dose of Gratitude can make everything in this universe available at a snap of your fingers.

The video below is a simple meditation to help release some of our negativity, it can also be used to release anything or any character traits that we believe are restraining us.

Do follow the meditation. Try it once or twice a day for a minimum of 15 - 20 days. You will start feeling the shackles dissolving. If you need any further guidance or assistance do get in touch with us.