Friday, 9 September 2016

Connecting to Nature and the Universe

 My journey in to the spiritual world started more than 2 decades ago. Training in traditional Japanese martial arts since a very young age lead me on to this path. Along the way I have met and keep meeting numerous teachers, guides and fellow travelers. A truly splendid journey which has made me who I am today.

On Saturday the 30th of July 2016 I just got this inner urge to go completely barefoot. To discard any footwear. Going barefoot not just for an hour or two a day but being barefoot 24/7. Over a month later I am still moving around barefoot and decided to write about it. 

Often when people talk of grounding or earthing they refer to the absorption of energy from the earth by walking barefoot on it. However I have understood it a bit differently than what has been taught or believed by quite a few. 

Lets imagine the Earth as the source of electricity and the Universe as a bulb. Now that makes us the wire connecting the electricity to the bulb. When we wear footwear, it plays like an insulation preventing the flow of electricity from the Earth to the Universe (bulb). Unlike the conventional bulb which switches on immediately when we switch it on, our universe doesn't respond like that. It takes a couple of hours or even days to establish the connect. The time taken varies from human to human depending on their aura, vibrations and energy flow within their bodies. It is ideal to start with a few hours a day and slowly move to all day, if going completely barefoot in one go seems too extreme or scary. The benefits are limitless and not just connected to spirituality. The body begins to heal, the muscles and joints get stronger and more energized, chronic ailments will start healing, the flow of energy within the body will increase in multitudes. I do healings and Chakra settings for many people on a daily basis, the flow of energy has surely gone up by quite a few notches since I went barefoot. The connect and surrender to the universe feels awesome and just perfect.

I cycle wherever  I need to go and my cycle pedal has sharp ridges to give a good grip to the shoes. That had been troubling me from the day I started going barefoot. Got a few blisters too. However being a minimalist spending money to change the pedal to a plastic one did not make sense. I continued with the same pedal. The body did get use to it but the speed of cycling slowed down, so I stuck some sponge on the pedal and now the problem has resolved. There are certain places which may not allow you in if you turn up without shoes. You could carry your footwear when going to such places.

People will try to dissuade or ask questions which may scare you. However to experience anything new we need to go out of our comfort zone and surrender to the journey. The most common fear is about dirt. Well dirt is another word for mud and dirty is just a lot of dirt. Dirt is nothing to be scared of. Next comes garbage, spit etc, well when we wear shoes do we walk through garbage? We don't, then why would we walk through garbage when we go barefoot. The fear of broken glass or nails is legit to an extent. The solution is focus on walking, make walking your meditation and you will spot the glass pieces, nails etc. Making it walking Zen. 

The secret to growth is to experience new things as much as possible. Do not succumb to fear or what others may think. As long as you are not harming anyone directly, you can carry on with the experience. 

Fear leads to a cage, 

Surrender leads to the vastness of the Universe

The choice is ours to make!!!