Saturday, 5 November 2016

Crossing the bridge....

If life is a journey then the path of this journey is filled with numerous bridges. Some like to call these bridges as choices, for with every different bridge that we decide to cross over our journey takes another change or turn. 

As we grow up from infancy to adulthood the way or reason we cross certain bridges differs. When small we are just taught to follow our elders or peers and we keep crossing bridges not because we feel they are the ones we wish to cross but because we are conditioned to stay with the herd in the name of safety, security, society and so on. Some of us are stuck in this viscous circle for an entire lifetime. Running through life, crossing bridge after bridge, chasing dreams that are not even ours but sold to us, making us believe that they are actually our own dreams and this is what life is about or that this is the purpose of life itself. Some of us wake up from this illusion, this mirage and when that happens we actually see the world for what it truly is and not the well sold lie that most of us believe. For some this eyeopener can be very difficult to digest and accept so they run faster in the rat race with the herd to try and cover or forget this revelation. While a few are just so immersed in this bliss that their complete journey slows down, they begin to stop and smell the flowers, breathe with freedom, feel lighter within, their vibrations begin to change, they are now actually on the path of transcending. 

Often people say don't get pulled in to another persons anger, pull them in to your peace. Well I beg to differ with that statement. We can not pull anyone anywhere. All we can do is walk the path and shed love and light, some may call us weird, some may be in awe at the fact that we can do or live in a way which they feel is right but are just too terrified to try and a few will actually decide to surrender and walk the path we are on. These few are the ones who will someday be the ones that will further guide another few to walk the path, not by pulling anyone but by just walking the path themselves. 

When I talk of surrender, I do not refer to surrendering to me or to any physical or imaginary person. Surrender is about handing over the reigns of your every breath to your own soul. To live soulfully, to literally live intrinsically, to not follow your heart or mind, to just be, The path will unravel and the soul will lead us to that path. 

The conditioning from birth takes many of us so far away from our soul, that when we are waking up, we just feel so lost and chaotic. Some get depressive or sad, some get anxious and try everything they can to get the connection within. They run from pillar to post and yet after trying everything they still feel something is missing. Every time they try something they feel bliss temporarily which wears out within a few days, weeks or months. Then they are again feeling lost and search for other things to try or they just can not accept that they are lost, so they stick to that and create a persona of external bliss but inside they are in even more chaos than before. This makes such people very rigid and slowly they get stiff physically, emotionally and mentally.

This is exactly why we need someone to guide us. When we go for a trek up a mountain that we are not familiar with we ask around or take the help of a guide similarly in the trek on the spiritual path too we need someone to guide us, to monitor our progress. 

However there are so many guides out there today. Not all are genuine, not all are fake. The other day a dear soul was venting out his frustration about the guide he had chosen, keeping unnecessary restrictions and rules that make no spiritual sense. I will explain this in the same way I explained it to him - There are some guides sitting midway on the path, they themselves are puzzled as to how they can traverse through the terrain ahead, when we reach the place they are at, they can not accept that they are lost and also can not guide us further. So they sit there trying to put up an external persona of bliss and lay down certain things to follow. Which they claim will prepare us for the path ahead. Often these things make no sense and are just ways to ensure that we can not accomplish all of them together so that the question of showing the path ahead never ever arises. When we select such guides we feel good for sometime, once the initial phase of the romance with this new found spiritual path begins to wear out we are in a place which is like the quick sand, pulling us in deeper when we try to resist or get out of it. Having said all the above, I do strongly believe in following a disciplined approach. We can not run a marathon without training for it, we can not climb Everest without constantly working on our fitness levels, similarly we need to be disciplined on the path of spirituality too. However discipline should not be mistaken for something that leads to a cult mentality for a cult is never about freedom but about blindly following what is laid down. 

There are many bridges, there are many paths, choose well the bridge you wish to cross and cross it, don't linger at the edge of the bridge buying time. It wont take you anywhere.




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