Friday, 24 November 2017

Demystifying the Rubik's cube of relationships

Today I found myself assisting a wonderful human being through some dilemmas of the mind and heart. It is something that is faced by most of us through our journey called life. While assisting this human being I felt the urge to try to put my thoughts together and so here we are. 

Relationships a word that makes quite a few sigh with relief or grief. Thanks to the external chaos and conditioning it has become this barren land that is saturated with mines and we need to take our every step ever so cautiously. Well if this is how we approach a relationship then it is bound to blow up in our face today, tomorrow or years later.

Every interaction we have in our daily life is a relationship. May it be the visit to our regular bakery or grocery shop or the cab driver,  our acquaintances, friends, relatives, siblings, parents or our life companion. These are all relationships that we form and work with on a daily basis. We may physically express our love in  the different relationships differently but the emotion love would remain the same for all. Yes it may have variations of proportion or scale for eg - I wouldn't open a joint bank account with the man I buy vegetables from, which I would do with a sibling, parent or companion.

Those who have not read our previous article on the emotion love could read that here before going ahead -
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First of all Relationships aren't a Rubik's cube nor a maze. It is the constant conditioning and chaos that makes it all so chaotic and confusing. Once we get rid of all the layers, the path revealed is just a straight road. Some relationships we are born in to like our parents or siblings, some we are forced in to like our colleagues at work or arranged marriages, some we choose to network ourselves, some hound us for their gains, some we just happen to meet, some just happen and so on. In all these there are two individuals who could be extremely opposite in their thoughts, understanding, growth, emotions and also things they have been through or are going through. Each of us responds or acts in correlation with all these factors. There is no good or bad, it is just different ways of perceiving things.

To be able to have a genuine, true relationship with anyone we first need to set right the most important relationship. The relationship with our own  selves. Many journey from birth to death without knowing who they are within. They just live with the conditioning and external facade set for them since birth, then they carry it forward as their identity and add or subtract few masks along the way. We need to dive deep inside and find what lies within. Once we do that we need to cultivate love within us. If we can not love our selves completely and genuinely we will never be able to love anyone else ever. Yes we may put up a wonderful act of loving others but it would be just as artificial and toxic as plastic. When we cultivate the love within we will begin to radiate with it. Those around will feel it, they will feel the warmth, comfort, calm and peace you bring. That doesn't mean they will agree with whatever you say or do whatever you want. They will just know deep within that you are genuine. 

It is totally okay for people to not agree or accept our thoughts. It is totally okay for them to talk behind our back or stop talking with us or spread rumours. It is totally okay for others to connect with us when they falter and stop keeping in touch once they are up and moving. 

All the above sentences have got nothing to do with the other human being but with our own selves. We expect them to agree with us, we expect them to be true, we expect them to reciprocate. So as long as the expectation remains it is a trade not a relationship. I eat biryani and in return the cashier expects cash - well that is a trade. Stop trading with emotions. We do something because we are what we are and not because of how others will respond or reciprocate. 

Radiate with love and that is all that you will know. That does not mean keep suppressing yourself,  tolerate ill treatment or let the spark within go dim or get extinguished. If any of this is happening then start by having a dialogue in person not over digital mess (texts), if things do not change or improve with that then just move away. We all need our space. That does not mean you have to stop loving them. You are just changing how much or how you interact with them not the love. Maintain your identity, be you, if you don't no one else will. 

Usually we end up changing the emotion when things go sour or get painful. Love gets replaced by hate, anger, resentment etc. Now lets see how this works out. When we only know love we radiate with love and are at peace. When hate, anger, resentment etc waltz's in we radiate with that. It festers within us. It does not affect the other person who may be responsible for these emotions, it affects only us. It messes with our complete life. We loose our peace, then we try to find solace by releasing or forgiving them. But it still leaves some thorns within that fester subconsciously. The only way out is to sit quietly by yourself and genuinely give love and wish good for all of them. Do this for a few weeks or months till you feel the change. The change will be all around you. It will be like an oasis that springs out of no where in  a barren desert. Then the spring of love will just keep flowing through you. It won't matter how others had or have or will respond but do you know the magic of reaching this stage.  The magic is once you reach here none of this will ever happen. Negativity will start moving away from you and so will people that harbour it. Yes they will still exist and continue spewing venom but they can not affect you as they won't be able to come close enough to do so.

Relationships just are,
We need to just be love,
The rest will get figured out on it's own.




Sunday, 29 October 2017

Healing and the Healer

These are just my views and it is perfectly okay for people to have different opinions or believes. I am not claiming this to be the only truth nor do I think it is false. It is how I have come to understand this subject. As someone once told me - "You are either a pretty wise and connected human being or totally delusional, whichever it is, it seems to work."


All our ailments arise from our state of mind, our thoughts, the emotional knots within, fears, situations or people that have left us with some anger or resentment within etc. Today even modern medicine accepts this fact. 
Traditional medicine branches which depend on herbs etc work on curing the physical ailment but if the root cause that  is the thoughts, baggage's etc are not removed they will surface as another ailment may be today may be after a few months or years. Modern medicine or allopathy works on chemically annihilating the chemicals causing this ailment. So they usually work with suppression of an ailment and not its cure. 

Traditional medicine use to be administered with healing practices and procedures. However nowadays that combination is not easy to find. 

Healing is basically our souls and bodies ability to heal itself. Sometimes we need guidance or an extra burst of energy from someone else to assist our body and soul to heal. It is something which has been looked at with much scepticism by many. In an era where cure is looked as a war between different chemicals anything which does not have any chemical equations involved is usually just called a Placebo or a farce. Often being the last resort for people after they have tried everything.

When we dive within and connect with the energy all our blockages gradually begin to dissolve. After all we are all just energy. This is exactly why even the most sceptic human beings feel so relaxed and at peace when in nature. They may not agree with energy healing but the abundance of energy in nature doesn't need their permission to heal them and make them feel good.


This new age word is about anyone healing without the use of chemically proved formulas. Well Placebo exists even in modern medicine. Everyone who takes allopathic medicine does not recover the same way. Some recover almost instantly, some take longer and some continue to be ill till the chemical formula is altered or doctor is changed. So here too the recovery depends on how much faith the patient has on the doctor or the conviction they have in the potency of the chemicals to help them recover.  Placebo exists in all walks of our life. What we call Placebo is just a very powerful form of affirmation where one completely believes in the result before even getting the result. We believe for sure that we will receive a salary at the end of a month of slavery ( the word salary and slavery both come from the word Salt). So we do receive it. Trust me a document stating that one will be paid a certain sum at the end of the month is not what gets most the paycheck. It takes just seconds to break the promise to pay on paper and then there can be a legal battle to claim it. Many affirm subconsciously that they will get stuck in traffic while going to work and so they do. It is even more powerful as millions of people are affirming the same thing subconsciously every morning. 

There is a wonderful true life story which I would like to share. There was a lady in America who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told she had just 3 months to live. Her friends told her about psychic surgery performed in Indonesia. She did not believe in all this. However she planned to travel for the last 3 months of her life. She was travelling through South East Asia. Her friends kept texting her to give psychic surgery a try. Finally she agreed to when she was in Indonesia. I guess she agreed to try it to prove her friends wrong. She went to meet the healer and got the healing done. The healer told her that she has healed and is free from cancer. She just laughed at him and continued her travelling. 3 months later she died on the exact day the 3 months were over from the day the doctor told her. They did an autopsy and were surprised she did not have even a trace of cancer. Her body just shut down. Isn't this also a Placebo effect, where she believed the words of her doctor as the only truth and her body and mind affirmed it in to her reality. 


We are all healers. Each and everyone of us is a healer. Some are aware of this ability, some learn it and some will learn it when they are ready. A healer is not an enlightened omnipotent being. She or he is just like all of us. They have just come to understand certain things about energy and our connection within. It doesn't have to come with lifestyle changes or to be set in to the image of what society has labelled as esoteric or spiritual human beings. Even a human being who is in to heavy rock or metal music, has a purple mohawk, leather clothing, parties all night etc can be a healer. Sadly we are stuck with appearances rather than the connect. I find it funny when people I don't know see my beard and long hair and assume who I am or what I do. Many have even asked me where my yoga or ayurvedic clinic is. The labels are what first begin to dissolve as one begins to wake up to the fact of being a healer. A healer is someone who assists another with the process of self healing. If the human being they are working with does not work with them then there is a probability of the healing not being very effective. So in essence a healer makes one heal their own self under their guidance. Yes they do give energy to those that come to them to heal. They energetically assist in making it a more conducive environment to heal. A healer will over time make one question their perceptions or say or do certain things to bring out introspection in the other. This they do to show a path without directly pointing at it and then they wait like a shadow. If one takes the path or goes in totally the opposite direction, either way the healer will still be by your side. It doesn't matter what school of thought or believe system a healer follows. In the end it all boils down to connection with the energy within and all around in the universe.




Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Past Life Regression, Karmic connections, knowing the Future.....

In the last 3 days 4 people have asked me the same questions about past life regression, karma and the future. For me that is a sign to write about it sharing my views and understanding on it. Now these are just my views and understanding, it does not mean am against people who do this or wish to try these avenues, nor does it mean am right and they are wrong. If it works for you then its awesome. However if you have opened this article and wish to read ahead then read with an open mind and have a glimpse of my understanding.

From time immemorial we have been talking about the power of NOW. In fact even those who talk about karma and past life regression talk about living in the NOW. Well isn't that duality. We talk of living in the NOW and then try to open up our past life or talk of how are karmic deeds of the past can affect us or how or what we can do to resolve these karmic connections. Similarly many try to see or find out about their future and it is just as futile as the latter. 

Before the great saints, hermits, monks, prophets etc that have walked this planet became saints and so on  they were just like you and me. Did they have the scientific guidance of finding out their past lives or look in to their future. No they did not even bother even if someone could show it to them. They just went deep within themselves, finding the answers to the NOW. 

Lets say we do have a past life and we did something wrong or bad in it and lets also assume karma exists and it decides that you will pay for it in this birth. Now once you try a session and understand your past and you come to know everything. Then you are psychologically or subconsciously deep inside thinking about when will karma strike and your worry or pressure on this may actually make it your reality when it may have never even happened. On the other hand if you have not tried the therapy and you are oblivious of it. Ignorance is bliss. So you continue living your life as usual and suppose if karma does strike back then well it will and you will face it, come out of it and have another experience under your belt. 

Karma if it exists or not is not in question here. It is a good concept and can help people think through their actions before they become deeds. However if Spirituality is your path then fear has no place on the path. Like it or not Karma is looked as fear based - Do good or bad will happen to you, you did bad now see bad will come back to you.  Realistically we fall a zillion times from the day we are born, first when we are trying to walk and then in the walk of life. So if we start counting all our falls, our bad phases, our downs etc then I think everyone in this world has been very very bad in their last birth or births.

Say you know your karmic cycle and now you wish to find a way to set it right. For what? What is the rush ? Why try to control the universe and its movements? 

We are spiritual beings here for a human experience. So be human, stop trying to be God or to know the solution to everything, just be and things will begin to become what they must. It is perfectly okay to know nothing. An empty cup is much better than a cup filled with lots of confusion.

Enjoy your NOW. What you did 1 second before doesn't matter. This second live spiritually, this second live with Love and Surrender. The rest will take care of itself.

Spirituality has 3 basic pillars - Love, Surrender & Now.

When you reach a certain level of meditation your energy becomes Love. A powerful energy that can transcend and change anything and everything. At this point your chi and the energy flowing from you will be very high. Keep your palm on anyone's head and they will go blank, keep your hands on their back and their kundalini will start to rise and flow along the spine. 

When you go deeper you reach Surrender. At this stage you are able to manifest anything in to your reality but you decide to surrender to the decision of the universe. Not because you trust the wisdom of the universe but you have become one with the universe, in fact you are the universe for only then can you manifest anything instantly in to your reality. At this point your energy flow will be very electrifying, it can put others in a state of trance. They will relax completely and even your presence will bring a soothing, happy and calming feel to those around.

When you go deeper you reach Now. Now seems like a very simple word but to understand it needs Love and Surrender. Now is just a second. Your every breathe is a now. You take birth and die in every now. To live in the now is to be in that moment only and as it becomes the past a second later it is of no concern anymore. At this point you start seeing the matrix. You see auras and energies more than physical bodies. You sense things and just a physical touch with someone, even a handshake will get you in touch with loads of information and energies of the other. The energy levels now are very high, it draws in people out  of no where. Souls are talking to you everywhere. You connect with plants, trees, other animals (man is an animal too) and nature.

We tend to pressurize everything in our lives, until we ourselves become like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. 





Friday, 24 February 2017

Duality the modern spirituality

I have met quite a few wonderful spiritual beings. A good number of these were hermits living deep in the Himalaya's or in dense forests. I consider it a blessing to have met them on their rare visits to society or where people reside in numbers. I have great reverence for such human beings, have learned a lot from them through what they taught me and the blissful conversations with them.

That being said we also need to face the truth of duality becoming the modern spirituality with the new age gurus that walk this planet. They preach simplicity and live in sprawling palaces, they talk of no expectation but constantly expect huge crowds at their talks or satsangs, they talk of contentment and build huge centres with all modern facilities, they talk of freedom and go about binding those that follow them with invisible webs, they talk of connecting within then go about building huge icons, idols etc shifting the connection from within to iconization or idol worship. The list can go on and on.

Welcome to the new age of talented orators who know how to add glitter with their words to make common sense which we all know feel like a divine message from an enlightened being. Each such guru has an organisation which in many ways runs like a well managed MNC with numerous departments and loads of staff, well they call them volunteers or sevaks to give it a more spiritual feel of service. I personally have nothing against them or their organisations. I just speak for those that tried or got sucked in to these organisations, got blinded, brainwashed and one fine day woke up to realising they are actually more lost than they were before entering. Have personally met quite a few such humans who have some how come in touch with me to resolve their anguish. 

In this regard I respect Osho, he never preached simplicity and lived life with exuberance, he never preached restraint and lived wild and free. He is a man that actually walked the talk. He understood the basic foundation of spirituality -

                              If duality exists then spirituality exits.

Spirituality does not require any set of rules or restrictions. It is to give you freedom and not to bind you within some new boundaries. However once we begin on this journey life and self take on different meanings with every passing day. We start to loose interest in all the artificial requirements, becoming minimalists who can go by with may be just 2 pairs of clothes for life, we loose attachment to things and people, we seek nothing anymore for surrender brings you to a state of acceptance and gratitude and lots more.
It is not easy to put all this in to words, for words can not explain the language of spirituality. There is an analogy that I often use to explain this new spiritual state of being lost to those that come all lost and tired - Imagine there is this huge mountain. Some climb up may be halfway or may be a bit more. Then they find it impossible to go up the remaining climb as it seems treacherous or they just cant see the path. So they sit there, then they see other seekers who wish to reach the summit climbing up. So they sit like they know the path up. These new seekers approach them to guide them further up. Now when they themselves don't know the path up they can not guide others. So they tell the seekers - Well I can show you the path and will guide you further, but you are not ready for the journey ahead. To get ready you need to be able to do 5000 push ups, 5000 sit ups, 5000 pull ups all within 5 minutes. Now when they set such conditions which are not attainable they are ensured of a following and also that no one will ever ask them of the path going up.

True spiritual masters don't seek, want or accept followers. They just assist those that come to them on a path, they monitor them in the beginning, try to infuse some discipline and then just sit back and let the seeker find their own path. Always there to assist or guide if the seeker reaches a dead end or has a fall but never stipulates any conditions once they have started finding their own path. The ways of such spiritual beings are often referred to as erratic, weird and insane. They challenge and break your conditioning and belief system. They will bring about massive changes just by suddenly becoming indifferent or angry. Their indifference or anger is not real but just a way to further propel the seeker deeper in to the path of spirituality. They can only love and love all irrespective of how they respond or reciprocate. They know everything about you just the very second they meet you and yet wait for you to open up, for true healing can only happen when one is ready to work on it themselves. Many get scared of such people, they label them many things for we just love our labels don't we. Quite a few run away from them, a few stick by not because they respect or look up to such humans but because they see and feel the change they have experienced through their guidance. 

There is a reason why those that have grown to a certain level spiritually move away from society and go live in the mountains or forests. They can start seeing energies and auras all around them. They can see everything that is going to happen to each human they see passing by on the road. They no longer wish to stay in the matrix as they can actually see the matrix. Their consciousness can now help the planet better when they move away and just send out energy for the whole planet rather than work with individuals. They are not seeking seclusion, they are just very deeply connected with nature and their primal selves. 

There were two hermits I had met within a span of 3 years. The first one lives in a cave in the Himalayas the other lives in a dense forest. When I met the first hermit he just came up to me and hugged me and whispered something in my ears with mentioning my name. A man I had never ever seen or met, knew everything about me the name was just the tip of the ice berg. He was over a 100 years of age but did not look like that. He lives high up the snow laden Himalayas with virtually nothing with him. He would never wear clothes unless he was visiting a human settlement. When among humans he just tried to blend in with the others to avoid drawing attention. Both these hermits though living far apart from each other were identical in their way of life as well as what they taught me. They never sought anything from me, instead gave me what I can never imagine. When they parted both said - Walk your path, if you falter, I will be there. 

I am by no way a guru or a master, I am no one. I am just walking the path that I have found, traversing it with the guidance the universe bestows upon me and the road that nature reveals to me. For me spirituality is a way of life so deeply connected that I don't know any other way.