Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Past Life Regression, Karmic connections, knowing the Future.....

In the last 3 days 4 people have asked me the same questions about past life regression, karma and the future. For me that is a sign to write about it sharing my views and understanding on it. Now these are just my views and understanding, it does not mean am against people who do this or wish to try these avenues, nor does it mean am right and they are wrong. If it works for you then its awesome. However if you have opened this article and wish to read ahead then read with an open mind and have a glimpse of my understanding.

From time immemorial we have been talking about the power of NOW. In fact even those who talk about karma and past life regression talk about living in the NOW. Well isn't that duality. We talk of living in the NOW and then try to open up our past life or talk of how are karmic deeds of the past can affect us or how or what we can do to resolve these karmic connections. Similarly many try to see or find out about their future and it is just as futile as the latter. 

Before the great saints, hermits, monks, prophets etc that have walked this planet became saints and so on  they were just like you and me. Did they have the scientific guidance of finding out their past lives or look in to their future. No they did not even bother even if someone could show it to them. They just went deep within themselves, finding the answers to the NOW. 

Lets say we do have a past life and we did something wrong or bad in it and lets also assume karma exists and it decides that you will pay for it in this birth. Now once you try a session and understand your past and you come to know everything. Then you are psychologically or subconsciously deep inside thinking about when will karma strike and your worry or pressure on this may actually make it your reality when it may have never even happened. On the other hand if you have not tried the therapy and you are oblivious of it. Ignorance is bliss. So you continue living your life as usual and suppose if karma does strike back then well it will and you will face it, come out of it and have another experience under your belt. 

Karma if it exists or not is not in question here. It is a good concept and can help people think through their actions before they become deeds. However if Spirituality is your path then fear has no place on the path. Like it or not Karma is looked as fear based - Do good or bad will happen to you, you did bad now see bad will come back to you.  Realistically we fall a zillion times from the day we are born, first when we are trying to walk and then in the walk of life. So if we start counting all our falls, our bad phases, our downs etc then I think everyone in this world has been very very bad in their last birth or births.

Say you know your karmic cycle and now you wish to find a way to set it right. For what? What is the rush ? Why try to control the universe and its movements? 

We are spiritual beings here for a human experience. So be human, stop trying to be God or to know the solution to everything, just be and things will begin to become what they must. It is perfectly okay to know nothing. An empty cup is much better than a cup filled with lots of confusion.

Enjoy your NOW. What you did 1 second before doesn't matter. This second live spiritually, this second live with Love and Surrender. The rest will take care of itself.

Spirituality has 3 basic pillars - Love, Surrender & Now.

When you reach a certain level of meditation your energy becomes Love. A powerful energy that can transcend and change anything and everything. At this point your chi and the energy flowing from you will be very high. Keep your palm on anyone's head and they will go blank, keep your hands on their back and their kundalini will start to rise and flow along the spine. 

When you go deeper you reach Surrender. At this stage you are able to manifest anything in to your reality but you decide to surrender to the decision of the universe. Not because you trust the wisdom of the universe but you have become one with the universe, in fact you are the universe for only then can you manifest anything instantly in to your reality. At this point your energy flow will be very electrifying, it can put others in a state of trance. They will relax completely and even your presence will bring a soothing, happy and calming feel to those around.

When you go deeper you reach Now. Now seems like a very simple word but to understand it needs Love and Surrender. Now is just a second. Your every breathe is a now. You take birth and die in every now. To live in the now is to be in that moment only and as it becomes the past a second later it is of no concern anymore. At this point you start seeing the matrix. You see auras and energies more than physical bodies. You sense things and just a physical touch with someone, even a handshake will get you in touch with loads of information and energies of the other. The energy levels now are very high, it draws in people out  of no where. Souls are talking to you everywhere. You connect with plants, trees, other animals (man is an animal too) and nature.

We tend to pressurize everything in our lives, until we ourselves become like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. 





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